Body Modifications

Body modifications come in four main areas implants, branding, ear repairs and mircodermals. We have years of experince and love the modifications with have done for our customers.


Subdermal and transdermal implants are a favourite at Birmingham Ink and Cheryl and macca will be fighting over you!

Subdermal implants are decorative shapes under the skin, you can choose from knuckle dusters, stars, hearts, exclamation marks, question marks, skulls and many more. These create a great, unique look and add that little something extra.

Transdermal implants are similar to microdermals – plate under the skin with your choice of whats on show, i.e, spikes, gems and balls, but on a bigger scale and is a longer procedure with great job satisfaction for us.


We have the same high quality cauterizing machine surgeon’s use, this means we can get more precise art work on you. We also have a variety of attachments so you can choose a softer or a harsher finish to the art.

Ear Repairs

If you were to go to a plastic surgeon to have your stretched ears repaired because you no longer wanted them that way, you could end up paying thousands of pounds to repair them. We provide the same service for a fraction of the price (only 300.00 pounds per ear!). The procedure is exactly the same as what you would get from a plastic surgeon, the only differences being the price and you get a more personal service with us. We understand where you are coming from and think the same way as you, because we are just like you! So come down and have a chat to us and lets see how we can help you.

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