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With so many tattoo designs imaginable, we’ve covered a good number of them in our gallery. Tattoo artists at Birmingham Ink can cover all the following tattoo styles: Traditional, Black and Grey, Gothic, Botanical, Script, Portrait, Japanese, Balinese, Mandala, Fineline Art, Neo-traditional, Tribal, Tibetan, Biomechanical, Henna, Chinese painting, Ornamental, Realism/ Surrealism, Geometric, and much more.

You won’t be disappointed by our talented artists, they can give you amazing tattoo direction and unique artwork. Our artists also do cover-ups, turning old tattoos into new pieces you can be truly proud of.

Traditional / Neo-traditional

Traditional tattoo designs typically feature straightforward artwork with clean, bold line work and a simple, yet vivid colour palette. These are frequently inspired by the vintage flash designs created by industry legends. The traditional tattoo has maintained its popularity since they are both stunningly beautiful and classic. You can honour the art form and preserve tradition by getting a traditional tattoo…

The sibling of traditional is neo-traditional. This style typically uses a more intricate colour scheme and more diversity in line weight to create an artistic appearance. Artwork is often influenced by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. The decision is up to you!

Black and Grey / Blackwork

It’s very easy to mix up the two tattoo styles. Black ink and various shades of grey, produced by grey washing, are used to make Black and Grey tattoos. That’s done by diluting black ink in a fluid e.g. distilled water. The shadows of black and grey tattoos are gentle and subtle, with a hint of a harsher shade. By combining black and white, this tattooing technique incorporates black ink and various tones of grey.

Blackwork is created exclusively using the colour black and empty space, similar to the Tribal tattoo style. Tribal artwork is frequently mistaken for blackwork style. Cultural symbolism is what sets Tribal tattoos apart from Blackwork tattoos. Blackwork tattooing uses negative space, dark ink, and strong lines to produce stunning results. The decision is up to you!


Gothic tattoos are inspired by dark, illustrative and horror themes. This can be people, animals, places or horror icons. Most gothic tattoo styles are primarily black and portrait style. Anything goes as long as it serves the dark narrative. You can combine elements of different tattoo styles to transform your gothic tattoo style to a more whimsical one. Gothic tattoos are classic and more than just skull and bones.

This tattoo style is timeless, it can represent the past and the future simultaneously. The gothic tattoo style can have an undertone of time and dimension, and are rich and mysterious tattoos with creative imagery that can never be worn out. Gothic tattoos are classic and more than just skull and bones.


Art has always drawn its inspiration most often from nature. Nature lovers can share a small part of themselves with the world through botanical tattoos. If you think about it, every tattoo of a plant that you see symbolises its owner in some way, and in some cases, it is the most significant body art they can have.

Illustrations of flowers, fruits, and other treasures may be found in abundance on botanical tattoos, which serve as inspiration for beautiful, eye catching botanical tattoos. You will always have a botanical garden close to you when you opt for botanical. The decision is up to you!


One of the most common tattoos on the planet, the Script tattoo style is either the first or second choice for the majority.  But don’t let that get you discouraged. The simplicity of this tattoo and its extreme versatility make it unique and beautiful; with Script, the possibilities are absolutely limitless.

If you like, you can select names, phrases, quotes, and slogans. These might be expressions of who you are personally, names of your kids or parents, words of love and inspiration, or pretty much anything else you can think of. You can select from a variety of written languages, as well as fonts. The decision is up to you!


As the name implies, portrait tattoos are lifelike representations of imaginary or real  life people or animals that evoke the realism of portrait photography. With changes to the line work, colours, or shading, a portrait tattoo might appear three dimensional or be more abstract, depending on preference. To achieve the realism look, this tattoo style emphasises the use of shading, angles, and realistic perspectives.

The loss of a loved one is one of the main motivators for getting a realistic tattoo in the portrait tattoo style. This honours your relationship with them, pays tribute to them, and keeps their memory alive. Portrait tattoos are incredibly expressive and are selected for a variety of reasons, including to show your personal interests or to celebrate inspirational people, figures or animals. To create the desired effect with a portrait tattoo, considerable talent and experience are essential. We can assist you in making your tattoo design ideas come to life.

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