Our piercing team at Birmingham Ink offer microdermals. This type of piercing is a single-point piercing that’s anchored just below the surface of the skin.

Dermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere on the body – on the cheek, forehead (third-eye position), below the eye and other places on the body, such as microdermals on the neck, shoulders, fingers, forearms, wrist, chest, hip or back. Just about anywhere else on your body where there’s a flat surface.

You’ll be offered microdermal piercing jewellery to suit your style. We also want you to take good care of your microdermals while the area is healing, that’s why we provide complete aftercare in our studio so you’ll leave us confident in looking after your new microdermal.

Our phone lines and social media are open for your aftercare questions. 


Microdermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere on your face. For example, cheekbone or third-eye on the forehead.

Upper Body

Dermal piercings can be placed on your collar bones, chest, front or back of your beck, arms and many other places.

Lower Body

These type of piercings can also be placed on your hips, thighs, back dimples, legs and feet. Just about anywhere that’s flat.

What You Need to Know

Sterilisation is a key factor for any piercing process, including microdermal piercings. Our piercing team will ensure the area is disinfected and placement is optimal.

When choosing a placement, our experienced piercing team will consider any placement of nerves or veins, thickness of skin and other elements.

The healing recovery can be anywhere between one to three months. The overall length of healing depends on the aftercare after your microdermal piercing appointment.

Aftercare information will provided at the appointment, including the cleaning procedure, recommended solutions for cleaning and the signs of infection to look out for.

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What Our Customers Say

I got my helix pierced here and my experience was brilliant. The piercer was really lovely and explained the whole process/aftercare very thoroughly. I felt really at ease throughout the whole thing. Definitely recommend and I’ll be going back for more piercings in the future!

Rebekah Cooke

I went in today for my septum piercing. Immediately, I noticed that everyone was really friendly and gave off really good vibes. I was a bit anxious about it but the piercer (sorry, I forgot your name) really made me feel at ease. The piercing looks great and I walked out of the studio feeling happy. I’ll definitely be back again for other piercings.

Mickey Onieke

Got a super cute tattoo done by Charlotte. I am so in love with it. The detail is amazing and I’ll definitely be booking in for more. All of the staff we met were so lovely – Charlotte, Jacob, Micah and Cheryl. Thank you all for making us feel so welcome and being so friendly. Xx

Chelsi Taylor

Would give ten stars if I could! Third tattoo with Cheryl and so happy with my new tattoo. Cheryl’s attention to detail is amazing, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Really lovely team, very welcoming and professional. Would highly recommend and will definitely be coming back! Thank you so much Cheryl and team ☺️

Emma Anderson

I was a little nervous Micah made me feel relaxed by taking his time and talking things through with me, very clean and professional service and great value for money, big thanks for my lovely nose piercing

Samantha Rowlands

The nicest people ever! I was so nervous to get my nose pierced but the lady piercing my nose was so caring and made me feel calm. She knew what she was doing and was ready to go ahead after I was happy with the position of my piercing. I’m afraid of needles and I can tell you now that it didn’t hurt for me and my pain tolerance is low. Very professional and very friendly. Thank you!

Monica xo

Amazing experience. The artist was so lovely and was patient whilst I decided on the position of my tattoo and was really lovely and helpful. Would highly recommend. Will defo be returning for more!

Maddie Mitchell

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