How To Prepare

How to prepare for your tattoo

We understand that getting a tattoo can be an overwhelming process, especially for first timers. So to ensure you feel safe and a positive experience, we have put together this guide to give you practical advice on how to get ready for your tattoo.

No matter your health or fitness level, we promise that after getting a tattoo, you will feel exhausted – especially if you’re being ink’d for hours. Schedule an early bedtime and, if possible, a day off to rest. Our tattoo artists want you to have the best experience. So here’s everything you need to know.

Before your tattoo…

Be your healthiest self

Before you come in to get ink’d, please ensure you are hydrated and fully rested (no all-nighters pretty please), because your skin will be hydrated and prepared for your tattoo session – making your tattoo artist very happy! Feel free to bring your own refreshments to your session too.

Consider your medication

Some medications, like aspirin, will thin your blood and can put you in danger for various complications – it can get pretty nasty! Please speak to your GP before your tattoo session if you take medication or have health condition(s).

Do not show up Intoxicated

It’s normal to be anxious before your session, especially if it’s your first tattoo. If you arrive while intoxicated by drink or drugs, you will be turned away. Sorry, not sorry! If you are nervous about the pain or needle, please let us know and we’ll do our best to settle your nerves. We have plenty of jokes and stories to share with you.

Be clean

We ask all our clients to make sure they have showered and moisturised before coming in for their tattoo session. That’s because our talent tattoo artists want a blank canvas – sweat and dirt on the skin can impact the quality of the tattooing. If you want your tattoo artist to do their best work, please be clean for your tattoo session.

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