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Here at the Birmingham Ink studio, located in the heart of Birmingham city centre, we pride ourselves on producing super high quality work! We only do and use the best of the best.

We are a very friendly and welcoming studio to all walks of life, no judgments here!

So, for all you tattoo fanatics as well as all of you first-timers young and old, you will be very comfortable in our hands our fabulous tattoo artists, body piercers, and laser technicians.

In The Flesh…

Founder of B’ink, Cheryl, carefully working on a tattooing project for a client. Why not come into the B’ink tattoo studio to see how the B’ink team work and play?


My name is Cheryl

I’m the founder of B’ink. It has been my lifelong dream to open a tattoo studio and now I’ve done it – I’m living my dream since 2006. I work with very talented tattoo artists and personally, I enjoy working on complex artwork in any tattoo style.

I’ve been passionate about alternative lifestyle cultures and tattoos since a little girl. I started out by making tattoo machines, so I have extensive knowledge of the technical side of tattooing, which has contributed to my tattoo artistry.

My goal is to deliver a high level of customer care with both ink and piercings. B’ink is all about creating a relaxing, friendly environment because nothing good comes out of being serious. As much as we have a giggle as a team and have a blast with our clients, we’re also professional and passionate about what we do.


My name is Charlie

I specialise in creating ornamental, botanical/ floral, mandala and line piece tattoos. This is the area of tattooing I enjoy the most, although I adore creating artwork for any tattoo style.

Since I was young, I explored different creative art forms, photography being my favourite, but I never stopped drawing and trying out different styles of art. I joined the tattooing world in 2013.

Being a tattoo artist is amazing. My motto is… “working hard or hardly working”. Because, to me… it’s not a job. What else? When someone trusts me to create their first tattoo – it fills me with immense joy!

When I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me spending my time outdoors (or at tattoo conventions) – whether that’s socialising, walking or traveling. I love meeting new people and getting to know different cultures.


My name is Klaire

I am a shameless all-rounder when it comes to tattoo styles. I love unusual and technically interesting tattoos, big custom projects, full days on sleeves or backs. Large projects are AWESOME! It’s great to meet people from all walks of life and find out their stories too.

My favourite tattoo styles are replicates of traditional art media, like pencil and ink illustration, fine line, pulp style comics, oil and watercolour painting or vintage botanical illustrations. I’ve always had a love of tattoos and body art – fascinated to learn the history of different styles.

Before I became a tattoo artist, I was working in the creative industry and had jobs in photography, clothing design and fashion illustration. I also had the opportunity to teach contextual design studies, as well as get involved with art and garment construction.

When I’m not tattooing in the studio or drawing at home, I’m usually having a pint or a meal with my tattoo family, hunting for treasure at flea markets, especially trying to find bones, oddities or vintage erotica. If I’m not doing those things, I’m spending quality time with the human I made.


My name is Jacob

I am a hardcore enthusiast for all things Japanese and traditional tattooing. This is the area of tattooing where I really work hard, and want to be the best I can be. Although, I love to do whatever style is needed to ensure my clients get the best artwork and make them happy, forever!

Going back, I first fell in love with the art form when I tagged along with my mum to get her tattoo. I was only young, but I remember being so fascinated by the whole process, especially the tattooing. I ended up watching reruns of Miami ink… and I was HOOKED!

Like a good boy I am, I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and in all honesty, I never stopped thinking about the tattoo industry. Naturally, that’s the reason why I do what I do – I live and breathe it! I also love piercing, and on the Professional Body Piercers here at B’ink.

I grew up in Hong Kong. I used to play rugby and other sports. I still play guitar, drums and even a little singing. I LOVE music, anything Dad Rock, please! I enjoy my food, especially Asian cuisine. Can you guess my favourite? Most days I spend relaxing or exploring with my cat… and lovely girlfriend.

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