Tattoo Removal

Considering Tattoo Removal?

Do you now regret getting a tattoo in your younger years, or are you unhappy with an element of it? Sick of trying to conceal it? Our advice would be to undergo a tattoo cover up or tattoo removal, depending on your original tattoo and preference.

With the help of our highly skilled tattoo removal professionals, at B’ink, you can get rid of that unwanted tattoo using our cutting-edge laser technology. Remove your tattoo in a few weeks or months, not years, and there won’t be any permanent damage.

By dispersing the pigment pigments with a strong, yet safe, light beam, lasers can safely remove tattoos. All laser wavelengths are absorbed by black tattoo ink. Compared to other lasers on the high street, our laser equipment are efficient and minimise the harm to adjacent skin and tissue.

What we would do without our laser tattoo removal machine!

Our laser tattoo removal services combines quality with affordability, with the price per session as kept as low as possible while still delivering great results and service. Over the course of our careers, we have heard far too many people say, “I don’t want laser tattoo removal because of the scarring it causes”. This is not the case with our high-quality laser. We have plenty of examples of this to show you – our laser is strong but gentle on the skin so you will get brilliant results with our laser removal service.

Is laser tattoo removal right for me?

As every bit of skin is unique, it just would be unethical of us to say “yes!” immediately, but we have successfully removed tattoos from many different skin types – including skin colours, skin textures and areas. Blue and yellow we find to be the most stubborn, but all colours give in eventually! Bad or cheap inks (Indian ink in particular) that have been applied by amateurs or inexperienced tattooists are easy peasy, so we often get instant satisfaction because we know we can remove them quickly for our customers.

Professional tattoos are a different matter, and for these, complete removal can be more challenging. Although we do our best for total removal, we have no way of knowing how many sessions will be needed as this depends on many factors of the tattoo and skin type. The good news is that fading a tattoo with laser means you can have a more artistic cover-up tattoo. Want to see some examples? We have some excellent examples of cover ups from our talented team of artists below.

Our Laser Studio

Can you completely remove my tattoo?

In most cases – yes! Keep in mind that all tattoos don’t just disappear after a once-over with the laser. With a series of tattoo removal treatment, you can effectively get rid of a tattoo and regain the skin you thought you could have lost forever.

We will erase the ink from your unwanted tattoo using a specialised laser during your tattoo removal procedure. To effectively heal your tattoo, you will typically require a series of treatment sessions – the more, the better! Your tattoo will progressively fade and become less noticeable as you follow your treatment plan.

It can be more difficult to remove some tattoos than others. If a tattoo is exceptionally challenging to erase, tattoo laser treatments might not be able to remove it completely. However, as a result of your laser treatments, your tattoo will dramatically fade, losing much of its prominence and vibrance… presenting you with a better tattoo cover-up landscape.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by sending concentrated pulses of light into the ink from unwanted tattoos within the skin. This acts like a lightning bolt, breaking the ink into smaller particles, and disperses them. The process allows the ink to be flushed out, absorbed, and removed by our amazing bodies! How awesome, right?

Our laser process is incredibly powerful and safe, and our method removes your unwanted tattoos with an excellent satisfaction score. The person you will trust to remove your tattoo is both trained and skilled at removing unwanted tattoos. From the equipment we use, and the people that will take care of you, you will be in safe hands thorough out your entire laser removal process.

Before we start your laser session, we are legally required to do a patch test. The cost of this initial test is £25.00.

The price of the laser tattoo removal sessions depends on the specific tattoo to be removed, and a number of other factors that we’ve spoken about.

For a more accurate removal quote, please come into our studio for a chat about laser tattoo removal procedure for your specific tattoo.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Cover Up

What if I want a cover-up instead?

We might be able to provide you with a tattoo cover-up rather than a tattoo removal – depending on your specific preferences, the original tattoo and the tattoo artwork you want. Some people opt for a combination of tattoo laser treatment and a tattoo cover-up. Please be aware that some tattoo patterns and colours are more suitable for a cover-up tattoo than others, a cover-up tattoo can be applied over almost any size, style, and colour of an existing tattoo.

The approach to tattoo cover-ups is by inking a new design over your old, unwanted tattoo. It makes use of the components from the original design to produce something completely new or even very similar. It does varies from person-to-person, however, cover-up tattoos often need to be larger than the size of your original tattoo.

During our informal tattoo cover-up consultation, we carefully consider the following factors: the original colour of the tattoo (the lighter, the better), the age of your original tattoo (faded tattoos are better), the design of the original tattoo (minimal colouration, no outlines, etc) and the size of the original tattoo (the cover-up will often be larger).

What Our Customers Say

I got my helix pierced here and my experience was brilliant. The piercer was really lovely and explained the whole process/aftercare very thoroughly. I felt really at ease throughout the whole thing. Definitely recommend and I’ll be going back for more piercings in the future!

Rebekah Cooke

I went in today for my septum piercing. Immediately, I noticed that everyone was really friendly and gave off really good vibes. I was a bit anxious about it but the piercer (sorry, I forgot your name) really made me feel at ease. The piercing looks great and I walked out of the studio feeling happy. I’ll definitely be back again for other piercings.

Mickey Onieke

Got a super cute tattoo done by Charlotte. I am so in love with it. The detail is amazing and I’ll definitely be booking in for more. All of the staff we met were so lovely – Charlotte, Jacob, Micah and Cheryl. Thank you all for making us feel so welcome and being so friendly. Xx

Chelsi Taylor

Would give ten stars if I could! Third tattoo with Cheryl and so happy with my new tattoo. Cheryl’s attention to detail is amazing, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Really lovely team, very welcoming and professional. Would highly recommend and will definitely be coming back! Thank you so much Cheryl and team ☺️

Emma Anderson

I was a little nervous Micah made me feel relaxed by taking his time and talking things through with me, very clean and professional service and great value for money, big thanks for my lovely nose piercing

Samantha Rowlands

The nicest people ever! I was so nervous to get my nose pierced but the lady piercing my nose was so caring and made me feel calm. She knew what she was doing and was ready to go ahead after I was happy with the position of my piercing. I’m afraid of needles and I can tell you now that it didn’t hurt for me and my pain tolerance is low. Very professional and very friendly. Thank you!

Monica xo

Amazing experience. The artist was so lovely and was patient whilst I decided on the position of my tattoo and was really lovely and helpful. Would highly recommend. Will defo be returning for more!

Maddie Mitchell

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