Tattoo Removal

We don’t know what we would do without our laser tattoo removal machine! 

We do price per session as low as possible with great results. Far too many people say, “ I don’t want laser because it scares me”. This is not the case with our laser… We have plenty of examples of this to show you – our laser is strong but gentle so you get brilliant results here.

Can you completely remove my tattoo?

As every bit of skin is unique, it would be unethical of us to say yes, but we have totally removed many tattoos from many skin types, colors and areas. Blue and yellow we find to be the most stubborn, but all colors give eventually. Bad or cheap inks (Indian ink) that have been amateurishly applied are easy peasy so we get brilliant job satisfaction because we know we can remove them in only a few sessions.

Professionals are a different matter, with complete removal being challenging, although we do our best for total removal. We have no way of knowing how many sessions because everybodys skin is different. The good news is that fading a tattoo with laser means you can have a more artistic cover-up tattoo. Have a look at any of our artists cover-ups for examples.

How does laser removal work?

Laser works by sending pulses of light into the ink in the skin. This acts like a lightning bolt breaking the ink into small particles and knocking ink out of the collagen layer so the body can flush it away naturally. 

Before we start your laser session we are legally required to do a patch test on you – this is 25.00 pounds, the price of the session its self depends on the tattoo and many other factors.